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The Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited (“HKSI”) is the Government’s delivery agent of elite sports training systems, it was established on 1 October 2004. The aim of the HKSI is to provide an environment in which sport talent can be identified, nurtured and developed to pursue excellence in sport. Other than sports facilities, the support given to athletes includes elite coaching and training, sports science, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, athlete affairs and education, applied research and sports information.


Guided by the Government’s current policy direction, and using its professional expertise in elite sport, the Hong Kong Sports Institute’s (HKSI) vision is to become the region’s elite training systems delivery leader by providing state-of-the-art, evidence-based, elite sports training and athlete support systems resulting in sustainable world-class sports results.


In its role as the Government’s elite sport training systems delivery agent, the HKSI is committed to working in partnership with the Government, the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and the National Sports Associations to provide an environment in which sports talent can be identified, nurtured, and developed to pursue excellence in the international sporting arena.


The HKSI holds that sport constitutes a fundamental social institution central to promoting national identity and to achieving public health goals of healthy, productive, united communities. The HKSI operates in an environment characterised by an uncompromising and ethical pursuit of excellence in sport through:

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