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Sports Alibaba Group Alibaba Group Holdings, Sina cloud front funds and co-financing, in September 8, 2015 in Shanghai announced. Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong as chairman, former vice president of SMG Da Zhong served as CEO, is designed to develop innovative thinking digital economy Sports economy.

October 2014, the State Council issued the "Opinions accelerate the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption", set a 2025 Chinese sports population of 500 million, the sports industry output value of 500 trillion target. This time Ali Sport Group was established, marking the beginning of the new Internet economy overall layout of the sports industry giant leaps and bounds for the sports industry into a new impetus. Ali Sports Group "Sport +" mode, backed by Ali ecosystems, deep links all the sports industry, the integration of electricity, media, marketing, video, home entertainment, smart devices, cloud computing, big data and financial platform to create the new eco-event operations throughout the industry, copyright, media, business development, and other aspects of ticketing.

Ali newly formed sports teams in sports, games, media, business and other fields have a rich experience, leading technology, professional tools, precise layout of the sports industry is determined to explore Internet-based consumer participation model, the linkage of upstream and downstream industry innovation, promote full upgrade the industry.

Ali Sports partners hope to release more ecological value, so that more consumers to quickly and easily enjoy high-quality sports services, so that movement easier.

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